Bosch Tools – 36 V-Li Cordless Drill Driver

The new lithium-ion tool system from BOSCH. 36v Lithium-Ion – A new dimension

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  1. man9170 says:

    you are a mothfucker

  2. plasticmickey says:

    what a joke. just get a hilti.

  3. man9170 says:

    I love it

  4. ak47m169mm says:

    bosch tecnology is german but they were used to be made in switzerland

  5. hostsonaten41 says:

    I can just agree with perryham and ahset. For example: I was working with about 8 years old angle grinder Bosch which was made in germany, and with my new Bosch angle grinder-made in PRC. Very big difference.

  6. ahset says:

    it’s not German technology! They are Lithium Manganese cells developed in Japan. These cells are Konion VT made by Sony! More specifically 18650VT cells. All you fools are wrong!

  7. alogli says:

    who cares where it’s made…. it’s german technology and german engineering…

  8. perryham says:

    hey dork, IF you have any of these tools, check the label. It’s made in Switzerland if not PRC.

  9. alogli says:

    ehhm no it’s not… Robert Bosch GmbH, Place of Business: Gerlingen, Germany (G E R M A N Y) and Franz Fehrenbach, the head of Bosch is also from G E R M A N Y.. it’s not FROM swiss and has nothing to do WITH swiss… You’re the moron my friend!

  10. perryham says:

    it’s from swiss moron

  11. alogli says:

    german drills are da best!

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