Bosch DLR165K Laser Distance Measuring Device

  • Precision Laser Measuring Technology. Laser beam does both pointing and measuring
  • Pocket-Sized Only 4-Inch tall
  • Four Measuring Reference Points: Back, front, swingout extension pin for measuring from inside corners or channels, or center of optional tripod
  • Three Measurement Systems: Feet and inches, decimal feet, and metric
  • Length, Area and Volume Measuring Capability

Amazon. com Product DescriptionIf you are looking for fast, easy, and accurate measuring, look no further than the Bosch DLR165K Digital Laser Range Finder Kit. With precision laser measuring technology, a large measuring range, indirect length measurement, and more, you can count on this tool to handle just about any task. And with a compact, portable design, this handy range finder fits in your pocket, so you’ll always have it when you need it. The DLR165K Digital Laser Range . . . More >>

Bosch DLR165K Laser Distance Measuring Device

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  1. S. Shelton says:

    It is the 21 Century. Companies think it’s cute to products that are not working to produce legislation. Developed to create, and to let the customers be the beta testers. I get it. But I also in my jaded view of product quality, I still expect products einzuschalten.Zum example with this device, I had expected his mistakes in inconsistent values or constant false readings. I thought I had to replace it 2 or 3 times until I finally got a properly working, because that is the norm for a consumer of technology in the 21st Jahrhunderts.Leider is my device without any sign of life is dead. I have tried to turn it on, nothing. I double-checked the manual on how to turn anything on the device:. I put out the batteries and went to a better lit area to make sure I put it right: nothing. I replaced the batteries with my own: nothing. Was there from them in again: nothing. I went into the store and bought fresh batteries: NOTHING! I probably have 20 minutes with the thing to find out how * I * screwed up, but it is not me. It’s not dead.Bosch make even the simplest of tests on their products before delivery to the stores? Apparently nicht.Nice quality control there Bosch.BTW: That’s why I do not buy electronics online anymore. At least I can take them to the store and they replaced the next day. Rating: 1 / 5

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