Bosch Bulldog Rotary Hammer Electrical power Instrument Evaluate

Bosch makes some of the very best strength instruments in the globe and the Bosch Bulldog Rotary Hammer is a ideal illustration. Correct out of the field, the 1st merchandise we seen was the circumstance and the huge Bosch logo. When opening the case, we seen a good deal of place, a lot more than adequate to carry pieces, chisels and screws.This is a nice characteristic. We know it’s only a situation, but the additional place for peripheral instrument parts saves journeys back again out to the truck.

Soon after picking up the instrument, the 1st characteristic we seen was the weight. The Bosch Bulldog rotary hammer was extremely gentle and weighs in at 6.25 lbs. I was a little shocked, I considered it would fat a lot more. The Bosch was very straightforward to manage as the steadiness among your entrance palm and rear hand is good. On the front of the device, you can transform spine and fourth to drill, hammer or rotary hammer with a effectively placed dial. The deal with is a “D” deal with, that means it provides a user much more control when utilizing it around your head or on the floor. The “D: manage is a very nice feature because control is crucial when making use of this variety of energy software. The only downside to a D manage is often its harder to get into tight spots, but that’s not a undesirable trade off! We truly like the SDS process. The little locks into location by pulling again the chuck and dropping it in. The SDS process is good if you are using a assortment of various parts or chisels. The down side to an SDS system is that the chunks have a tendency to be a little a lot more pricey, but we think they are properly worth the further expense.

We ran the Bosch Rotary Hammer via some tests. We used a chisel to bust up some brick and drilled holes for Tapcons. We performed some other assessments, but these have been the main two exams we desired to keep track of.

The very first analyze was utilizing a chisel to bust up some brick that was laid in a cement walkway. Once again with the SDS little system, the chisel locked appropriate into location with no hassles. We established the dial to Hammer and went to town. The D manage was quite great as we could handle the Bosch hammer extremely effortlessly. We busted up about fifty percent the walk way relatively quickly (18 minutes) and we didn’t feel a good deal of strain on our backs. The software ran somewhat awesome as we didn’t really feel a great deal of heat made from the Bosch Rotary Hammer. After we ended up 50 percent carried out, we attempted one more Rotary Hammer (Various model title that we will set into another evaluation). This 1 didn’t have a D take care of and we could inform from the start off this manufactured a large difference. When we finished the last component of the walkway, we have been a small much more drained for two causes. (By the way, it took us 26 mins to finish the 2nd 50 %). 1st, we have been a minor much more weary partly expected to the absence of the D manage. Moment was the energy transfer. On the Bosch we couldn’t notify how significantly energy it was transferring to the perform, but soon after using yet another manufacture for the very last 50 percent, we could actually see that the Bosch was transferring a lot more of the electrical power to the chisel as an alternative of again into the energy tool. More than all the Bosch was a fantastic instrument for this work. Excellent steadiness, but the best discovery was how a lot energy it transferred to the perform as a substitute of your entire body.

The following take a look at was to set anchors into concrete partitions. For this we employed the Condrive one thousand Tapcon method. This was a no- brainer. The Bosch Bulldog Rotary hammer knocked this out with out breaking a sweat. Once more, when we did it on the ceiling, wall or ground, it was quite easy to handle. As long as you match the little to the right screw, you could fly via this without having stripping a screw. As soon as you established the depth on the Bulldog, it was no dilemma.The only minor obstacle we ran into was the screws. When we applied the tapcon screws, we could actually get them to bit and keep with no difficulty. The off brand screws wouldn’t constantly maintain or the heads broke fairly simply, but this is far more due to the screw or human error, not the Bosch Bulldog.

We ran a couple much more exams to fee durability, but we had a hard time acquiring this software to run scorching. It runs extremely awesome. Around all this is a excellent Rotary Hammer. So if you are seeking at acquiring a Rotary Hammer, undoubtedly take a search at the Bosch Bulldog.


D Manage, excellent transfer of electrical power, SDS method, wonderful electrical power


It is dependent on what you are making use of this hammer for. If you are looking to get into snug locations, its not poor with the D take care of, but could avoid some movement.

Specialist Electrical power Software Guide Ranking


You get a good deal of electrical power and a lot of device for the cost. This was a test on the 7/8″, for a small far more cash you can get the 1″ SDS which may well be better.

Overall performance

The are no inquiries about the overall performance. It Does anything you want. Far more than sufficient power.

Ease of Use

As with most of Bosch energy instruments, this is extremely straightforward to take care of and also has wonderful stability.


With the Hammer, Drill or Rotary hammer, there are much more than ample techniques to get the job carried out. The trigger is extremely straightforward to keep to get the correct speed.


This tool has good balance. The ahead portion of the strength device has a very good steadiness by itself. With the D take care of you can easily control your perform. You will finish up finding weary simply because of the capability to hold on operating with a well balanced software.

Really feel

This is an very solid power software. When you choose this rotary hammer up, you can feel the steadiness. It doesn’t appear cheap. Just a single of those excellent strength instruments to hold in your hand.

All round

General we are giving this a “5 Blade” The Bosch rotary Hammer has excellent balance, tons of electrical power and the SDS method helps make it effortless to alter pieces on the go. The circumstance has a lot more than enough place to retailer pieces and screws, which is a nice characteristic.
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