Black Decker SS925

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Black Decker SS925
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Customer Review:

Used for a few years, especially for a moment. Purchased in 2005 and the flash just stop working for several months. I do not see where you can change the bulb or batteries. All other functions will still work I guess.


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Works up a storm!!

I bought this for my son in law a couple of years ago and it has proved itself over and over again. It’s everything you need in an emergency, and my grandkids thinks it is a life saver, they don’t like sitting in the dark.
Best gift ever

I gave the storm station as a birthday gift to a relative in Arkansas. The family was so impressed by the gift they called me and said it came just in time to alert them of an oncoming storm. Every outlet worked perfectly, the light it gave them when the power went out was incredible. They felt so much better and safer having the StormStation during their frequent power outages. Fantastic buy for the money
Great Idea- doesn’t work just 1 year later

We recieved this as a Christmas gift from my preparedness minded mother-in-law. Loved the idea and immediately read the manual and employed. Every 3 months I checked it to make sure it was working correctly. After just a year of charging/storing as manufacturer recommends, the station no longer holds any charge.
Great idea, but needs improvements

This is a great product and has proven useful through two hurricanes (Rita and Ike) that made it into east Texas, as well as several power outages. The different radio bands provide all the sources of information you might need, and I’ve been impressed with the quality of the speaker used for the radio function. The inverter and 12volt power point plug work well, keeping our cell phones charged during outages. The areas where Black and Decker could improve this product is to provide LED lighting for both the recharging flashlight and the small attached room light (they currently use incandescent bulbs). This would make the product use even less electricity while providing an even more reliable light source. I’ve had to replace the bulb on the rechargeable flashlight several times and the light it produces is quite dim, although serviceable when needed.

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