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Black Decker MM675
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Customer Review:

Years of consumption showed courage on the mower. Not only was able to mow the grass, again with ease, maintenance is minimal. As with all powered lawn mower on the Internet, cable management is something to take into account and is part of the property. Other check-writing of tactics – I’m here to concentrate on the advantages and disadvantages of purchase. 

* Easy 
* Simplification of training 
* Use single height adjustment 
* Easy removal leaves 
* Examine the handle (AIDS cord management) 
* Noise level (silence) 
* Low power consumption (compared to gas mowers) 

Line Management * 
* Cutting width 
* The handle height 

Overall I give 4 stars lawnmower with a warning that the width and height of the handle. Eighteen inches is a bit tight. Engineers may argue that 18 “is all that the engine can handle. While they are probably right, it remains a very sharp knife, which aids in the ability of grass to make their way through thick and / or deep grass . Other problem, handle height, the height of the drive when I stood for. handle falls into my life (I’m 6’1 “) and would be slightly higher, slide control and easier. 

The benefits far outweight the disadvantages. Weight (light) is easy to push. Well, think about starting (just pull the handle), the frustration of preparing a gas engine rebuild. Height adjustment is very easy to use (1 stick, and all four wheels move up and down). Browse the handle makes it easier cable management. The mower is quiet (compared to gas mowers). Low power consumption and lack of gas / oil for easy maintenance and eliminates the storage of natural gas as part of the equation. 

Maintenance is just noticeable to sharpen the blades every 4-6 uses. Quick Tour ¾ “, while holding the knife blade is vice-grip of money, so I can remove the scratches with Dremel and fine sharpening the edges with a round diamond set. 

If you decide to buy / use this computer, I recommend buying a quality extension cords outdoors. Do not skimp here, because if you can not pull the mower through the wire (resistance too), it runs strong. I would recommend at least 12 gauge in bright colors (easier to detect and will not run over) and not more than 100 meters. See the link below for a large ship. 

Yellow Jacket 2885 3.12 for heavy-duty 15-Amp Contractor SJTW extension cord with lighted end, 100 meters


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Excellent mower but could be easier to push

We’ve had two Black and Decker electric mowers. The first was the MM875 sold under the Sears badge. It was a great mower, but it was damaged by hitting roots. We replaced it with the MM675 because it had the flip handle option. It seems to be more difficult to push then the MM875. I read the review by one gentleman who said that the location of the handle in the middle of the mower body made the mower more difficult to push. That makes sense. We never noticed that the MM875 was hard to push. This model (M675) is difficult to push on our lawn which is thick and has an uneven subsurface. However, the M675 does a great job. We recently bought a Honda gas mower because it was self propelled. Although the Honda was powerful and self-propelled, it left a trail of clippings. We just mowed the lawn with the Black and Decker M675, and the M675 did a better job than the Honda! But, since we have a large yard (1/3rd acre) we’ll probably be using the Honda more often. Convenience shouldn’t be a citizen’s only concern, and I hope that I didn’t steer anyone away from the Black and Decker line. It’s a great mower that is easier on the environment than a gas mower. We’re impressed with it and we’ll try to use it as often as we can to minimize our impact on the environment. Please consider an electric mower if at all possible.
lawn mower user

very easy to assemble – works well 
flip over handle is a good feature. The adjustable cutting height is also very easy to use.
Great for 3 seasons

I loved this mower. Great for small yards. Light weight, low maintenance, no gas. Easy height adjustment. The cord takes a little getting use to but, it’s manageable with the flip handle. Worked great the 1st season. The 2nd season I had to replace the fan. Not a big deal a $12 part, takes about 15 minutes to fix. But the 3rd season the motor died. I was hoping to get at least 5 good years out of this mower. Might consider buying another one if an extended warranty was available.
Awesome mower – bought it in 2003 – still running fine

This has been a terrific mower for me. I don’t have a terribly large yard, so it is perfect for me. I’m now in my 7th year with this mower. Unlike a gas mower, it starts every time.

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