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Black Decker MM575
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I used this gift to myself for the first time in the morning of Mother’s Day. Never cut mower and it was so wonderful and easy. Reaper turns and moves slightly. I bragged to all of the great time I was mowing, and now everyone wants to try. I would like Huck Finn and let different people, what’s going to mow the lawn when needed.


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BuyingBlack & Decker MM575 Lawn Hog 18-Inch 12 Amp Electric Mulching Mower

Mower = Awesome! Fan = Trash!!

I’m a big fan of the electric mower. I love using mine for what it provides in ease of use and the environment. 
I do not recommend buying this lawn mower however. 

1. There is a plastic fan attached to the blade that breaks. 
2. I wish I had bought a cordless one. 

The main reason I would not buy this lawn mower is there is a fan underneath the chasis connected to the blade. 
This fan is to cool the system and balance the blade. The problem is, it is plastic. Brittle plastic. 
I’ve had my MM575 for about 6 months. Within a week, a dog squeeky toy got under the mower and broke some fins off the plastic blade. It started a mild wobble witch worried me, but was not drastic enough to warrent ordering a new fan piece. This last weekend, a twig broke the fan in half. Not a log, not a rock, just a simple twig. Now the balance is out of control and I will not use it for fear of the blade flying off. So I have to either order a new plastic fan, or buy a different lawn mower. I did look and the cordless ones from Black & Decker do not have a plastic fan on the bottom, so I am thinking about getting one of those, but do I really want to buy a more expensive product from a company that puts brittle plastic on the underside of a lawn mower…..? 
The part number for the fan on the MM575 is 241125-00 Black and Decker 241125-00 Fan MM Series Electric Mowers 

The cord can be quite the pain. Moving, pulling, tugging, getting it out of the way.
CheapBlack & Decker MM575 Lawn Hog 18-Inch 12 Amp Electric Mulching Mower

Good for small yard like mine

I have had it and no problem with it. but too early to say some hing in either case I’m happy. 
Light and easy one handed mower

I got this second hand from a friend who upgraded to the cordless model. It was already 2 years old when I got, and I’ve had it now for 4 years. 

In all the time I’ve had it all I’ve had to do is replace the blade as it wouldn’t sharpen anymore. Yes the cord does take sometime to get used to but after the first couple of uses you quickly work out a system that lets you get around your lawn without any tangles. 

It easily cuts my lawn no matter how long I leave it. Last night I cut my back garden for the first time this year, after leaving it working on other back garden projects. In places it was about 7-8inches thick and it never bogged down, cut everything on the first pass. The motor keeps on trucking, it is quiet enough that I can have a conversation with my kids. It leaves my lawn looking just as neat and manicured as my neighbours who all use petrol mowers.

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