Black Decker JS515

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Black Decker JS515
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Supplies wa very welcome and stacking is exactly what I wanted for Christmas present. Shipping, although later than anticipated yield, when he came within acceptable limits.


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Good cheap jigsaw

Purchased this jigsaw for my Father. Since then it has been used on multiple projects including replacing a floor in a trailer and cutting through 19/32″ floor boards, multiple 3/4″ MDF projects as well as different types of metals. Cuts through them without an issue, and the blower is nice to keep the dust out of the way. It holds a few blades on the jigsaw itself which is helpful. Excellent jigsaw for small to medium projects but not for any type of commercial use.
Excellent for occasional use

I was in the middle of installing plywood flooring in my attic when I realized that cutting shapes and slices of plywood by hand was going to take a loooong, tiring, no-fun-at-all time, and so I bought my first electric saw. I crossed my fingers and hoped that this inexpensive tool would last long enough to finish the job, and I was delighted to find that zipping through wood with a power tool is fun, and that this saw has lots of zing and feels solid! I’m sure there are far better jigsaws out there, but for an occasional, around the house job, this machine is absolutely fine, and I doubt I’ll ever wish for anything better. 

It comes with one wood saw blade. I’ve ordered a set of saws for wood AND metal, and now a whole new world of reducing things to little bits has opened up to me!
Excellent quality Black & Decker

As has been the case for the past 40 years, the Black & Decker Sabre saw that I purchased was reasonably priced and a quality product. B&D power tools hold up quite well over the years and are always an excellent buy.

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