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Black Decker CD12SFK
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I bought this kit to drill into a specific hardware store for $ 50 in my drill RYOBI 12V died (this is not really for anything more than occasional use.) This proved an excellent tool, very powerful, bright balanced – and therefore very easy to use. I also use a 2.5 inch hole saw when I was installing new cabinets in my kitchen and boreholes for water. I had problems with the drill, the battery under the strict application of shit. Are not triggered when a bank of exercise (yes, this exercise can be stopped at # 12 2.5 “screws in the management of rack) and then manually convert the nut – I know I should not do – and to be honest – that are all out, when the battery is about to die – if smoke back drilling – and hold the trigger you’re buying a new drill. This is not DEWALT Heavy Drill/Driver- not seem to be treated as one. I had a problem Tho, charger that comes with the drill bit is stupid and ruin the battery, just takes forever to load drill. Buy Smart Fast Charger Black & Decker will make your batteries last, and therefore is about 90 min. As smart, you can leave the charger does not destroy the remaining life. 

As a form of study – it sucks – I think B & D has just launched in this game because they can not sell themselves. If you want really good, economic Stud Finder – buy Zircon i65 StudSensor Center Find a Stud Finder and pull on this computer in the trash, or sell it on craiglist / ebay.


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OK for the money, far from perfect

I’ve used this drill for a few years, about once a month. A fully charged battery doesn’t last long about 30-40 min of work. It doesn’t have enough juice to be used as a drill and the battery will last about 10 min. Finally, last weekend while assembling furniture from IKEA, sparks and smoke began coming out from back of the drill. I would not recommend buying this drill to anyone, invest into more respectable brands (Dewalt, Makita, Panasonic). 
The stud finder is working, definitely it’s not a pro grade by any means. It takes some time to get used to it, you have to recheck 2-3 times to make sure it sees the stud correctly.
Doesn’t spin true. wobbles

Well, For a basic cordless drill it is nice in that it charges fast, light weight and easy to use. However, the one I received does not spin true so driving a long screw will be a bit harder than normal. 

It has handy features in that it has hex and flat head tips that fit on the back top of the drill so you always have them with you. It also has a bit for holding these tips that also is held on the base. If it wasn’t for the wobbling I would rank it a 4. 

For the money I have gotten better at Lowes so that’s why not a 5. 

Haven’t used the stud finder yet but that was a nice addition. 

I won’t return it but won’t buy the same model next time I need one. 

Hope this helps.
Great drill!

I’ve worked in construction and used many different brands of cordless drills, but I really like the Black & Decker for home projects. This 14.4V drill is lighter than the 18V ones I have to use on jobs, but still plenty strong enough to get the home projects done. The battery lasts a long time too. There’s just a 5-position clutch, not a 24-position one as it states in the description, and the case it comes with is a joke (it’s a vinyl bag with a zipper), but I guess I’m just used to the hard cases I’ve always had with my cordless drills in the past that offer the drill more protection and have places to carry screws, etc. Even my old 12V B&D drill came with one. The stud finder isn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it works okay, and you can’t really complain, since it was free. All in all, I’m very happy with my purchase and will definitely continue to buy B&D tools. As far as the sale with Amazon’s seller, I got it promptly and undamaged, and I have no problems whatsoever with purchasing anything from these people again. Thanks!
Great product, lousy buying experience

1. Wrong item initially sent (cordless ordered, drill with cord sent); contacted seller who apologized & agreed to send correct item. 
2. When correct item received, it did not include stud finder originally included in purchase. 
3. When correct item was received, batteries for stud finder were bad, exploded & corrosion was all over inside of drill & case…along with human hair…DISGUSTING!!! 
4. Response time adequate, but I won’t buy from this seller again, too many problems for what was supposed to be a Christmas gift.

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