Black Decker 71 978

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Black Decker 71 978
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Customer Review:

This series is a connection of all, for each type of need for internal improvement. The bits are easy to apply and remove. Unless you are an expert, this set covers everything every day at home. Strong case for easy storage. We are very pleased with the set and I think Black & Decker provides consistent high-quality tools.


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Good buy for the price

I recieved the set in good time. It was advertised as new but had obviously been opened before. There was also one bit missing, tried to resolve with seller, wound up replacing bit at a minimal cost. The set works well for home maintenance and projects. I have used several drill bits and the hole saws and I am happy with the results and would recommend this set to anyone. Would not recommend purchasing from Polstein’s Home and beyond.
Good assortment at reasonable price

Quite a few pieces for not a lot of money. Of course, that means they are probably not meant for heavy-duty commercial use. But for around the home it is fine.
Black & Decker at a discount

What else can I say: great product at an even greater price. 
Everything you need for drilling & screwing at home.
Very nice assortment

I bought this item for husband for Christmas when he said, “All I want are tools. Tools are to guys what toys are to kids.” He’s already used them on many projects, and really like the set. Just enough assortment to be useful, not frustrating. Great value.

Gift for husband.

My husband always complained that he couldn’t find the right bit. Well now he can! (if he will just remember to put them back when he’s done – not his stronger quality)!!

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