Black and Decker Lawn Edger and Stihl BG55 in Action

For Baseballfreak1468

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  1. Jon3800 says:


    the SH56c is better because it’s both a vaccum + a blower, the BG55 is just a blower. the 56 has the same motor as my commercial FS-70. 1.2 hp.

  2. YoJoPIMP says:

    jon i was planning to get this stihl bg 55 or stihl sh 56c which one do u think is more worth it for the money? i was thiking bg55 it seems powerful and strats easy ans should last a while right?

  3. Jon3800 says:


    considering the video was made in November, I had to push it a little hard for it to penetrate the soil better to get results.

    Since I only do edging on my lawn, I really don’t see a need in having a gas powered one. My business involves mowing around 80 clients a week, so I really have no time to edge all there lawns.

  4. Jon3800 says:


    reason why I pushed it little harder than normal because I hadn’t edged for quite a while. I don’t really need a gas powered one. I only do edging on my lawn only. Its rather time consuming edging 80 different properties. I speak for other landscapers, time is money

  5. jchan3123 says:

    why do you push it very hard?

  6. flynnlandscaping says:

    hate eletric

  7. ClassicTVMan81 says:

    Black & Decker adapted their double-insulated 1970s circular-saw motor design for this particular edger, model 8224.

  8. ClassicTVMan81 says:

    Not just a trimmer, but an edger too.

  9. Jon3800 says:


  10. stlouissux9119 says:


  11. 05clenharth says:

    id rather use a gas trimer

  12. deathcube35 says:

    Men i Östersund så är det det,:P

  13. Eliaaszz says:

    not in GBG 🙂

  14. deathcube35 says:

    We just got snow in Sweden,:(

  15. Jon3800 says:

    sure are

  16. mechanicwarrior20 says:

    electric lawn trimmers are always nice to have

  17. 1972FordF150 says:

    Oh ok lol

  18. Jon3800 says:

    baseballfreak1468 I made a mistake

  19. 1972FordF150 says:

    Basketballfreak1468 ??

  20. Jon3800 says:

    just keep them warm, humid in a well -ventilated enclosure and ur fine

  21. Jon3800 says:

    Ive done one, a while back and on arboreal tarantula recommendations

  22. silentpounce says:

    can you do a caresheet video on avic avic pink toe please im getting one for xmas and wanna know all i can on them i know alot now but anything else helps alot

  23. silentpounce says:

    jon, is it weird that i luv when you talk all smart about lawn mowers?

  24. BaseballFreak1468 says:

    thank you! great vid

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