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A Tri Fuel Portable Generator operates on gasoline, propane or natural gas.  Having this kind of generator, you can convert from one fuel source to another very easily and quickly.  Please make sure that you follow the testing that is required for operating safely.  Also when you have the portable type, it makes it so much more useable wherever you need it.  The smaller 6,000 watts will keep.If you chose the 2 wheeled generator, you’ll be able to move it through muddy areas, snowy ground or any kind of landscape you have.
If you are at odds about what or how much watts you need for a generator, don’t be?  I know I was until I had to buy one.  Here is a guideline that is helpful for you to follow:

Let’s say you have the typical three-bedroom, two-bath house and you have children. 
1.    Refrigerator & freezer 25 cu. ft. auto defrost uses – 625 watts*
2.    Microwave Oven uses – 1500 watts*
3.    Lights in your home average 12 (depending upon how many & what kind) uses – 600 watts*
4.    Electric skillet uses – 1250 watts*
5.    Coffee Pot Maker while making the coffee – 1500 watts*
6.    Clothes Washer – 850 watts*
7.    Clothes Dryer – 5500 watts*
8.To stay on top of any condition that might be coming your way, you should have a battery TV to listen to. – 150 watts*
*this is the running watts you also need to keep in mind that it takes a surge of power to get things started.  The above example is just under HP12,000.

Of course, you won’t have your washer and dryer going all the time, but it is convenient to be able to use it when you need to.

This makes it great for using at a fishing cabin at the lake or a home in the mountains that you frequent during the winters for snow skiing.You will continuously have current that is there.  The smaller tri fuel portable generators produce 6,000 watts of surge power and 5,500 watts of continuous power.  The larger one produces 12,000 watts of surge power and 10,800 watts of continuous power.This unit has 4 wheels and fifteen-gallon tank and will change to any of the three fuels.

Why would you need a generator that can accommodate three different types of fuel?  One of the reasons is of course, what is available to refill it?  If you only have gasoline where you are going to use your generator, then a propane-only generator wouldn’t work.  Another reason is cost of fuel.  If propane is very expensive where you will be using it, and natural gas is already there, then having the options for changing over to other fuels is a great convenience.

I reside in northern Florida.The storms that are directly aimed here in Florida will totally take out huge electrical grids, transformers for a week or more.I own my unit for that one intention.  We lost a freezer full of meat following Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.  We didn’t have a generator back then.All of us did not have any electricity for over a week and it was disturbing after a while.With blessings, the baby didn’t arrive during the storm.All our groceries that were refrigerated were lost because of no power for so long.  We now have a generator, but thank goodness, we have yet to have to use it because of a hurricane!  We do have another one at the fishing cabin we share with relatives on the Blackwater River.It is really nice to have while we are staying there.  It’s just nice to know that we will never be without power again and can rely on a good generator.

The unit that you should buy is not a regular moveable one.Those can only be used for minimum wattage since they are so small.  They run for about seven to eight hours and are usually powered by gasoline.  These are usually less expensive, have a shorter life and require some maintenance.The gas that has to be kept in storage will evaporate over time, so make sure it is treated with stabilisers.

About Generators and Fuels

If you are looking for fuel efficiency, then a diesel generator might be a good choice.  One thing to be aware of though, and that is they are much harder to start in cold weather and are extremely noisy.  Also, the fumes from the diesel might be a little smelly.  Portable generators that are powered by propane or natural gas truly are the best choice.  These generators usually last a lot longer and they burn cleaner.
•    HP6000 Tri Fuel Generator sells for around $1800.00
•    HP9000 Tri Fuel Generator sells for around $2800.00
•    HP12000 Tri Fuel Generator sells for around $3200.00
Delivering these high prices was the bad news.Great side events is knowing that your frozen food will never spoil, saving you time and money for replenishing them.  Your family will also benefit by staying safe and secure.

Here is a spot-on guide for info of which you want to read and get the right watts you’ll want.Included in this is all the watts it takes to start your machines and gadgets.  Make sure you calculate the total of all the appliances such as your freezer and refrigerator.  They can require about three times their normal power to start.

Make sure that you read all your instructions, follow what they say about the maintenance and usage.  Don’t overload the rating or the circuit breaker on your generator will trip.  Don’t use too many extension cords and have a transfer switch installed by a qualified electrician so the generator is connected to your home wiring.  The most important bit of advice that I can give you is don’t refuel the generator when it is running, keep it dry and don’t spill fuel as this could cause a fire.

Following the manual and your generator will last for years and always be very reliable for you and your family.

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