Basics Of Charger For Power Tool Battery

If you are a handyman and love the “hands on” approach, then you most certainly own one of cordless power tools: after all, who likes to trip over all those wires all over the place. Well, as always there is a trade off – after you drive a few dozen screws and fasteners, the battery will run out of power and you will have to recharge it. You will need a good power tool battery charger for it.

What can be such special about power tool battery charger?

Basically the quality of the cordless tool battery charger will determine the life of the battery and you would want to prolong your battery life as much as you can. In some cases the replacement battery may cost you almost as much as purchasing a new power tool.

what kind of power tool battery charger is the best for your tool?

You should always consult your power tool manufacturer before buying a new battery charger – purchasing a cheap charger online might kill your battery faster than you think not to mention the safety hazards involved. The cheap chargers’ plastic casings can melt, which can set your house on fire. The drill charging takes from a few minutes to a few hours and that not only depends on your tool brand and the kind of battery, but also on the type of charger.

Fast battery charger shorten that time from a few hours down to 20 minutes and the “intelligent” chargers have built-in features that will save you a lot of money in the long run. They have certain heat sensors, which detect if the battery is hot, they will postpone the charging until it cools down; another common feature will shut off the battery charger as soon as the battery is fully charged. All this will ensure that your battery pack can be recharged a few hundred times before you need to buy a new one.

A good charger for Makita battery, milwaukee battery or any of the other brands batteries will cost you up to a few hundred dollars, but buying high quality battery charger means that in most cases you won’t need to replace that battery pack for at least a few years.

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