Are Hitachi cordless power tools switching to the new slide batteries going forward?

I’m looking at buying a new drill/driver set and noticed Hitachi now uses a slide style battery on some drill models. I’m concerned about compatibility with products they introduce in the future.

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  1. Tedruski says:

    Hitachi is almost as bad as Ryobi for getting parts. The best brand for compatability on batteries/chargers is DeWALT. Milwaukee has *&$#@ off many loyal Milwaukee owners by constantly creating new tools/batteries/chargers that are not compatable with the previous models. The batteries are also sub-par.
    We quit taking in Hitachi/Ryobi tools for repairs as it takes forever to get parts in – oh, Add Makita to that list also. Makita is slowly vanishing from existance.
    DeWALT is the best in engineering their tools and battery systems.
    * And oh yeah, these 5 year warranties that other brands are advertising. Get a copy of that warranty and you will notice it is only for *defects in workmanship and does not cover normal wear and tear such as switches/brushes/motors/gearing.
    A good drill is going to cost you some money – it is as simple as that. You get exactly what you pay for.

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