anyone know how to put together a black & decker workmate ?

the instructions that came with it are confuseing, and i think i might have broke it before i had a chance to use it

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  1. Real_Pizza_man says:

    return it and tell them it is broken out of the box.

  2. DIY Doc says:

    I might go along with answer 1 other than it’s not the truth. I’ve owned a few, and never bought one that wasn’t pre-assembled/folded, ready to pay for and use.

    You might connect with B&D asking for some clarity directly.

    Just my 2 “sense”

  3. navi says:

    Sorry, but I am laughing because if you can’t put together a B&D workmate what jobs are you going to attempt. No seriously, I have never seen them apart, are you not sure this is not one that has been returned to the store. Take it back as not wanted or faulty and get another one.

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