American Government help! Please! ?

1. This entity has the final rule on the establishment clause.
a. the Supreme Court
b. a religious leader
c. Congress
d. a state court

2. A person who gives up United States citizenship and lives in another country is (2 points)
a. an expatriate.
b. a denaturalized citizen.
c. a naturalized citizen.
d. a non-resident alien.

3. As a citizen, you have access to public records because of this act. (2 points)
a. Sunshine Act
b. Freedom of Information Act
c. Civil Rights Act
d. USA Patriot Act

4. This is the goal of the U.S. justice system.
(2 points)
a. expressed contracts with citizens
b. fundamental rights
c. equal justice under the law
d. hung juries in criminal cases

5. Before primary elections, candidates were chosen in private meetings called (2 points)
a convention meetings.
b. caucuses.
c. precinct meetings.
d. ward meetings.

6. This gave African–Americans the right to vote. (2 points)
a. Fifteenth Amendment
b. Twenty-sixth Amendment
c. Nineteenth Amendment
d. Twenty-first Amendment

7. The lobbyist’s strongest tool is (2 points)
a. friendship.
b. information.
c. a campaign contribution.
d. an entertainment gift.

8. This is the protector of the rights of the media. (2 points)
a. League of Women Voters
b. First Amendment
c. Federal Communications Commission
d. Telecommunications Commission

9. Controlling money to influence the economy is called (2 points)
a. reconciliation.
b. reserve requirement.
c. monetary policy.
d. fiscal policy.

10. These are the federal government’s financial instruments, such as bonds, notes, and certificates. (2 points)
a. securities
b. entitlements
c. discount rates
d. uncontrollables

11. Negotiating labor contracts is called (2 points)
a. injunctions.
b. urban renewal.
c. collective bargaining.
d. developing trusts.

12. This is an agreement between nations and approved by Congress. (2 points)
a. treaty
b. sanctions
c. executive agreement
d. bipartisan agreement

13. This is NOT a function of a state constitution. (2 points)
a. appoints officials
b. outlines methods of election
c. creates the structure of government
d. provides for separation of powers

14. This is part of the state constitution amendment process. (2 points)
a. judicial review
b. extradition
c. mandates
d. proposal and ratification

15. The executive branch of the state is headed by the (2 points)
a. speaker of the house.
b. lieutenant governor.
c. attorney general.
d. governor.

16. This is issued by the state to make the incorporated community legal. (2 points)
a. referendum
b. charter
c. bond
d. mass transit permit

17. The ability of nations to develop economically while at the same time protecting the environment is called (2 points)
a. equilibrium.
b. human rights.
c. sustainable development.
d. positive rights.

18. An economic system with a central authority is called a (2 points)
a. mixed system.
b. traditional system.
c. command system.
d. market system.

19. Because society does not have all the resources that everyone wants, this exists. (2 points)
a. comparative advantage
b. scarcity
c. nationalization
d. free trade agreements

20. Risk takers who produce goods and services in search of profit are (2 points)
a. entrepreneurs.
b. a monopoly.
c. trading blocs.
d. factors of production.

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  1. pinkmonkey_93 says:

    1. A
    2. A
    3. B
    4. B
    5. B
    6. A
    7. B
    8. B
    9. C
    10. A
    11. C
    12. A
    13. A
    14. D
    15. D
    16. B
    17. C
    18. C
    19. B
    20. A
    Good Luck! 🙂

    P.S. I already did this and these are the correct answers

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