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Ladders have become a part of our day-to-day activities but some of us often seem confused over their usage. They are handy tools having steps fixed in them either in an inclined or a vertical way. Ladders used to be available in market in a great many varieties. Thus we can find rigid & flexible ladders to fixed & portable ladders as required for different occasions. The Aluminium Step Ladder is emerging into very important industrial tool these days. In addition to this, several other types of industrial rolling ladders such as Extension Ladder, heavy duty ladder, maintenance ladder, warehouse ladder find maximum use in schools, libraries, warehouses, factories , offices & hospitals so that worker productivity can be increased. Mostly all these heavy duty ladders are found to be made from aluminium alloy for enhanced strength & capacity. Again with strict quality check measures & advance production methods being followed by ladder manufacturers, the demand for these ladders is growing fast.

The climbing ladder, Heavy Duty Ladder, extension ladder & aluminium step ladder are some of the well known types of ladders that are widely used for industrial purpose. Among them, aluminium step ladder is the most sophisticated one that can be easily found in innovative styles & designs. It is compact, light in weight & available in sizes that can be extended further.  The rust proof & anti corrosion properties make it safe to store outdoor. The aluminium step ladder remains unaffected from the daily use & the dings & dents associated with it. It just seems to be perfect ladder for every occasion.

The aluminium step ladder is a practical tool coming in 2 major varieties: platform or swing-back. An aluminium platform ladder is generally the shorter one & a more stable variety than a swing back ladder. Just like swing-back ladder, aluminium platform can also be unfolded into a “V” frame. The swing-back ladder is the taller & less stable ladder type having hinges at the top. However, the area of use of aluminium ladder is broader than any other ladder type. No matter of which variety is chose upon, we should make it sure to purchase one with the proper load ratings, duty & other certifications which will prove the ladder’s strength capacity in terms of the weight uplifting at the time of climbing. There is limitation to the maximum load rating & duty rating if aluminum step ladder. Thus aluminium ladder with a maximum load rating of 175 kg & duty rating of around 130 kg should never be unfolded by leaning against a wall & making an attempt to climb it will often prove dangerous. Similarly good electrical conductivity of aluminium ladder often prevents us from using it for electrical maintenance work. The last 3 treads in step ladder turn out to be unsafe, climbers should restrain from standing on them otherwise may suffer fatal injuries.

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