A Wind Power Generator.build it yourself Get Free Electricity

You can build your own wind power generator at quite low cost.Commercially made wind turbines are available but they are expensive.Building your own is quite easy and will save you a great deal of money.Plans and instructions are available to simplify the job.Using used auto parts and a few odds and ends you can build an excellent and reliable wind power generator.You could build several for the cost of one commercial turbine and sell your excess power to the power company in many areas.

For the future it is now obvious that electric power produced by wind turbines is the best way to go.It is easily the most usable form of alternative energy at present.Many cities around the world already produce some or all of their electricity needs from wind power.These days most people want to help save our environment and an easy way to do this is to build one or more small wind turbines to produce our own electric power.Not only do we help mother earth but we get free power from the wind into the bargain.Solar panels are another alternative but their power output is limited and they are expensive.They do have a place for certain applications however.

From the 1930s through the 1950s wind power was used to generate electricity on many farms.It was also used for other tasks such as pumping water from wells.In these much more prosperous days most people have given up on this idea and prefer to pay the power company for their elecricity.Now in this 21st century it has become obvious to all that we need to find ways to produce power which are less damaging to the environment.Oil,gas and particularly coal fired power plants are one of the big sources of air pollution.We need to cut back drastically on their use before our environment is irreversably damaged.Free power from the wind is an excellent alternative.Free abundant and universal the wind can be harnessed to produce much of our power needs in the future.

Individual power production on a small scale is increasingly popular.Many consumers are now installing small wind power generators to generate at least part of their power needs.If you have a country home,with no power line access,you need to have your own power plant.Gasoline or diesel powered generators have been used by some people to produce power in country locations.These are sources of pollution of course and with the ever increasing cost of oil they are not very practical any more.Wind power is the obvious way to go.

It is not hard to build a small wind power electricity generator.The average home workshopper can do it using simple tools.Detailed illustrated plans with instructions are available and make the task fairly simple.Used auto parts,wood and a few odds and ends will build a very efficient generator which is easy to operate and maintain.Put it on the roof in your city or country home or on a free standing support and generate your own power free,courtesy of the wind and every little breeze.

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