A Guys Useful Ideas To Understand While Purchasing Two Stage Snow Throwers

Shoveling snow is time consuming and back breaking work. With a snow thrower you would be able to easily clear all the snow around your house in much less time. There are many things to consider when deciding which snow thrower will meet your needs.

Some things to consider are the size of the area you regularly need to clear, how much time you can devote to clearing snow, and the amount of snow your area will usually get. Single stage and two stage are the two main types of snow throwers.

With single stage snow throwers an auger spins at a high speed in order to collect snow and throw it out of the discharge chute.

When the auger spins it touches the ground to be cleared and pulls the machine forward. This means very little effort is required to push the machine although the machine operator will still need to steer.

This type of snow thrower is best when used on paved or very smooth surfaces. Some of the models of single stage snow thrower out there will feature multi directional discharge chutes while let you aim where the snow is deposited.

With a dual snow thrower you will have a spinning impeller in addition to the collection auger. The impeller will work like a pump to pull snow from the main auger and pushes it out the discharge chute faster. This allows the machine to throw the collected snow much farther and work on areas of deeper snow.

Two stage snow throwers will have metal plates that are adjustable so you can control the clearing height. This makes them a good choice for many different types of surfaces. Whenever you use a snow thrower you need to follow the safety precautions for that machine.

It is never a good idea to attempt to clear a clog while the machine is running or to point the discharge chute at anyone or anything nearby. Many times there are solid objects hidden beneath the snow which can cause injuries or property damage.

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