18 Volt DeWalt Batterie types?

I have an 18 volt DeWalt drill that uses a “type 1” Battery (its printed on battery), I have found out that there are more than one type of 18V batteries.
Will any “type” work on my drill or any other 18V DeWalt tool?
I’m only interested in DeWalt cordless tools and batteries

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  1. Suigetsu says:

    Usually powertool batteries are vendor specific. Even among the same vendor, often different devices (e.g. drills and orbital sanders) will require different batteries. Bosch is a prime culprit of this. The exception would be Ryobi’s “24 in 1” or whatever it’s called series.. They have a load of tools that will all use the same battery.

  2. smokey says:

    go to a store that sells DeWalt tools they will be able to tell you

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