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Our latest Toro vacuum / blower lasts 17 years with heavy use. New wind tunnel and has the best dry. Not even for all other products of this type.


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BuyingToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

Great product!

This is a great product. I have used it a number of times and am very pleased with it. I really like the vacuum feature. It is so much nicer being able to have just a small bag to empty rather than having to pick up large piles of leafs.

CheapestToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

Very powerful blower!

Works very well. Extremely powerful. Even on the lowest blower setting it does the job. On the highest, make sure everything you value is nailed down! You’ll probably want to wear ear protection for the noise (I wear cheap gun muffs bought at Walmart). 

This blower is almost a little too powerful. It comes with a concentrator insert that you can stick in the blowing nozzle to concentrate the air stream even more but unless you plan on sandblasting, I’m not sure why anyone would want to use the insert. Normally, the first notch or two ON of the control knob is enough to blow clippings and leaves off the drive and walkways with ease. If you’re not careful or have the blower on too high, you can blast your topsoil away right where the lawn meets the sidewalk edge. Handles pretty well but perhaps from the length of the device or the narrowness of its air stream, I have a bit of a learning curve in controlling sweeping compared to an older, slower gas-powered Ryobi blowing device that probably swept with a broader air current. 

Haven’t tried the vacuuming capabilities of the device. With its power, it should make an excellent vacuum but the instructions warn you that stones and twigs may damage the metal impeller blades. So that capability isn’t going to be too useful unless you want to put your device at risk. 

The handle is open enough to readily pass 2 to 3 turns of the 12-gauge extension cord I like to use through and around the handle so I am not pulling directly on the plug connection as I move about the yard. (why don’t any of these devices have a good way of anchoring up to 12-gauge extension cord?!!) 

Thought the blower is so good on the yard, it’ll work great up on the roof blowing the spring leaves and oak pollen off the roof. You have to watch out for the kick of the motor when you first turn it on that you have a tight grip and are not in any position to lose your balance. But, whoa! The darn thing is so powerful, if you don’t watch the direction you are aiming it, you could blow a shingle or two right off your roof. 

All-in-all, light, powerful, easy to use. No wonder it’s a top-rate blower! Highly recommended.

DiscountToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

I love it

A had a cheaper version of a Toro vac/blower that had a plastic blower fan. It was noisy and the safety switch for the fan started malfunctioning after just one fall cleanup. 

This vac/blower is wonderful. The fan is made of metal instead of plastic. It is much quieter and I love the multi-speed setting. Works like a dream. I like the new plug connection type also.

Low PriceToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

Excellent blower, great price, lots of power

After owning a two cylinder gas blower for years, it finally died on me, and I had to evaluate buying another smelly, leaky, fume producing gas guzzler against the rising competition of greener, battery powered and plug-in blowers that have begun to saturate the market recently. I was initially leaning towards a battery powered blower, such as the Black & Decker NS118 18-Volt Cordless Electric Broom Hard Surface Sweeper and then over time, I would replace my gas powered weedeater and other lawn tools with the interchangeable battery powered tools in the same set. However, upon reading reviews stating that fully charged batteries only provide about 9 minutes of usage, and I would only have one battery to begin with, I quickly changed focus to plug in models. 

This blower is great. It is lightweight, quiet, and powerful, creating up to 200 mph directional wind force. And best of all, there is no rip cord to pull. After plugging it in, you simply turn the dial on top until the desired wind strength is achieved. I don’t plan to use the mulching function, although it feels powerful enough to handle leaves and small yard debris. Besides the one negative aspect of having to drag a 100′ extension cord along with me, I cannot say enough positive things about the blower. I use it to blow my driveway, walkways, screened in porch and back patio, fire pit area, kids playground, and the garage, while only moving the plug between two external outlets on my half acre property. 

The Toro was cheaper than my previous gas blower was, and just as powerful, plus it is so nice not to wreak of gasoline from just 10-15 minutes of blowing after mowing the lawn. Not having to buy gas and two cycle engine oil is another benefit that not only helps reduce carbon emissions, but will ultimately reduce the total cost of ownership between the Toro and my old gas blower even further.

Shop ForToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

Great Toro blower/vacuum

Bought this for my husband as his old Toro blower/vacuum was on it’s last legs. He really likes the new one which is more powerful so he gets done in half the time it used to take. The metal impeller is a plus as the old one was plastic. It does a great job blowing the leaves, of which we have LOTS of them. He hasn’t tried vacuuming yet but he believes it will do a great job not only with the leaves but also twigs and occassional rock. I read a lot of reviews and this blower/vacuum had the best reviews. I agree and would recommend this Toro Blower/Vacuum, you won’t be disapponted.

Where To BuyToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

Great mulcher

Most Leaf vac/blowers have a plastic impeller. If you are looking for a good vac that mulches the leaves, this is a good investment. The impeller on this tool is metal with mulching heads integrated into the impeller. Other vacs that I owned, with plastic impellers, did a poor job of mulching and the impeller would break if you sucked up stones or even acorns. 

Good value and works great.

OrderToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

easy to use

This product is so easy to use. Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Well worth the money. Saves me a lot of time and work.

CheapestToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

Better than I expected!

Well I had debated about a leaf blower and I was in the midst of comparing this with the WorxGT. Then I began to see reviews about the GT that made me quickly change my mind. Well I just got through cleaning off the patio and I’m still in shock. I only had to put the Toro on the speed next to turning it off and it pratically blew the leaves off in one swing. I also didn’t have to work hard in corners, etc. I was still skeptical about buying this because I saw alot of complaints about the mulching and the bag. But I’m happy I didn’t let that deter me from buying this blower. Its perfect for my yard. I’m especially happy it came with a metal impeller because we have a couple of trees in our yard and we have small twigs everywhere sometimes. I mulched a decent pile of leaves and I thought I had filled the bag. I came to find out it was only halfway full. This leaf blower has very good suction to say it has to travel through such big tubes. I almost sucked up our outdoor area rug into it and it usually takes a act of Congress to get that thing to move. Also I’m blowing leaves not to long after it rained and I put the blower on about the 3rd click from off and it even moved wet leaves. Thanks Amazon!

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