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Poulan PP1000E
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Works great. I am a typical three-wheeled edger for 15 years and thought it was the answer, but in this Annex gives the same results, takes less time, and it is easier to use. I recommend it to anyone looking for the edger.


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BuyingPoulan PP1000E 7-Inch Pro Lawn Edger Attachment

A great addition to my trimmer…

I bought this attachment for my trimmer after doing a bunch of research on it, and deciding that this was a better buy than buying a standalone edger. Our driveway and sidewalk were quickly shrinking in the three years we had been living at our home, and it was time to edge both. Switching from the trimmer attachment to this was extremely easy, and for the most part it works as advertised. The only problem I had was that most of what I edged was rather thick and the blade would stop spinning quite often. I would have to lift it up a little, let it start spinning again, and then go at it some more. I’m thinking that now it is done, it should work much better next time as long as I don’t wait another three years. For the $60, I would recommend this attachment to anyone.

CheapPoulan PP1000E 7-Inch Pro Lawn Edger Attachment

This works with my Electric Yard Man YM137

So, this attachment will work with any gasoline power unit. 

The Poulan PP1000E’s modular design works with my electric Yard Man YM137. So, it will work with just about anything made by MTD/Troy Bilt, Ryobi, Craftman, etc. 

It’s light weight, easy to control, very forgiving and has MORE than enough depth control. In fact, with the Poulan PP1000E, I have so much depth I could probably go with a smaller blade from the stock 7 inch blade. 

But, what is really cool about this edger attachment is that I was able to create the ultimate electric edging tool. With more than 600 feet of edging, I can knock it out in about 15 minutes at a walk with no muss, no fuss, no hard starting, no noise and no toxic fumes. It takes longer to clean the trimmings than to cut the edge. This beats the pants off those pathetic B&D Edge Hogs. I love the YM 137 and I love it even more with the PP1000E.

CheapestPoulan PP1000E 7-Inch Pro Lawn Edger Attachment

Great edger

I just used this edger for the first time yesterday, and it worked great. It did have a little trouble getting through the hard wet dirt, but to be fair anything would. I used to use a weed wacker to edge. Never again, this is so mech better and it cut a perfect edge down into the ground. Now when I go back to do it next week it will be easy since the slot is already there! It snaps on to my new Poulan Pro weed eater quick and easy. It even comes with a end cap that let’s you hang it up when your done. Also there are no parts to assemble. Just take it out of the box and snap it on to your weed eater!

DiscountPoulan PP1000E 7-Inch Pro Lawn Edger Attachment

Wonderful Product

This product does as good a job as the stand alone gas powered edgers but for a fraction of the price. I attach mine to a 4cycle Troy-Bilt trimmer and it works great. The first time you use it will take a bit of getting use to, just like any new piece of equipment. Once you establish your edge after your first use, it will maintain your edge like a hot knife through butter. 

I am 6’3″ and my only complaint is that it will make your back a bit sore, depending on how much edging you have to do. I do not have any existing back problems so those of you who do may want to consider this before purchasing. I have used mine about 7 or 8 times and my back has gotten use to it. It is not nearly as sore as when I first started using it. 

This appears to be a very sturdy and well made piece of equipment, feels very solid. I expect this product to last me a very long time.

SavePoulan PP1000E 7-Inch Pro Lawn Edger Attachment

Cut edging time down from 60 minutes to 7!

I live in a typical garden home with a large driveway and lots of sidewalk. The longest side of our yard borders a culdesac. I have lots of edging to do. This edger fit my husqvarna 128ld trimmer. I believe I read somewhere that the poulan pro series of yard equipment is made by husqvarna. It is a perfect fit and I can trim everything in less than 10minutes. I love it!

Low PricePoulan PP1000E 7-Inch Pro Lawn Edger Attachment

A great product that does what it’s supposed to do!

I always thought an edger would be nice to have, but I thought you’d pay a couple of hundred dollars for one. I’ve had a Poulan trimmer for over a year, but just recently realized I could use this attachment. Sears had one that’s supposed to fit, but it cost about $40 more than the Poulan attachment. And online I read many complaints about the Sears model. 

This thing is simply and ruggedly designed, and it works well. It’s surprisingly easy to switch the attachments. It’s just great, I think.

Lowest PricePoulan PP1000E 7-Inch Pro Lawn Edger Attachment

Great Lawn Edger

For several years, I have had a great string trimmer that takes EZ-Link attachments. I have been edging with the string. This works, but it is slow, filthy, and back breaking. I noticed that the Poulan edger attachment was highly rated, unlike some other brands. I decided to buy one, and it came promptly. What an improvement over the string! It did a much neater job, but was also much faster and made less mess. It had plenty of power to cut through the sod that had not been edged in quite a while and left a very neat edge. I highly recommend the Poulan edger attachment.

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