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Fein FMM 250Q Top
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This tool works well for most purposes. There are several shortcomings in the annexes. Blade for wood and metal are not strong enough seriously mouth, and the alternative use of the saw. The addition of grinding finishing details are well thought out. Assembly is attached sandpaper, sandpaper, and can not be more than a few inches. This is less expensive to sand by hand. the cost of replacement blades Factoring and the tool itself, but I would rate this four stars.


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DiscountFein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Variable Speed Sanding And Scraping/Cutting Tool With Case

Remodeler’s Dream Tool

This tool belongs in every remodeler’s truck. I bought the tool for one project planning to re-sell it on e-bay when I was done. WRONG. I’ve used the tool daily for about two months. Too expensive? Nope, the time it saves and the impossible tasks it performs make it a bargain. Trimming jambs for hardwood–does that. Cutting drywall neatly and across studs–does that. Need to trim 1/16″ off a crown molding already nailed in place?–does that. Need to remove baseboard that’s lower than the finished floor and bound in place by grout?–it’s a snap. Want to remove crown molding (or any molding) without damage?–just pull slightly away from wall and slip flush cutting blade up to nail and cut the nail off–presto–molding removed without damage. The thinset removal blade works well but the grout cutting blade wears too fast–use a diamond blade in a 4″ grinder instead and save the Fein blade for cutting only where the grinder blade won’t go. The blades cost a jillion dollars but they’re cheap when you figure the time you’ll save. I looked at the cheaper Dremel and Sears models and am glad I bought the rugged Fein with no blade wobble; the quick change feature is important–for example, use one blade for cutting nails & drywall and keep another for cutting wood–nails really destroy a blade in a hurry. I’m glad that I didn’t get a rechargeable model. You’ll use this tool so much that you’ll be glad to have the extra power not to mention, not worrying about battery discharge. The cord is extra long and not a problem. I’ve mentioned just a few of the things this tool will do; once you have it be sure to haul it out each day–something will always turn up that this tool will do best. My only complaint is the case–it takes a magician to get the cord and tool back in the case. That said, the case is a huge affair so you probably won’t want to use it anyhow. Although almost all vendors charge the same price, you can’t go wrong purchasing from Amazon–great customer service if you ever need it, great shipping, and an all-around best-in-class web retailer.

SaveFein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Variable Speed Sanding And Scraping/Cutting Tool With Case

best ever

I had the cordless bosch multi-X. It finally died and I didn’t really mind… Bought this to do a large flooring job. It’s amazing! The power, the versatility. This is my hands down favorite tool. I thought it would be something I only got out on special occasions, not true. Seems like I use it daily any more! Definitely opt for the super kit, it has all the bells and whistles you could ever hope for. Originally the price scared me away, hence the bosch. Don’t be scared, this is worth every penny.

Where To BuyFein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Variable Speed Sanding And Scraping/Cutting Tool With Case

great tool

I have owned one these tools for about 7 years. Mine is the older model before the quick change feature was available. The tool is invaluable for remodeling work. Mine has been used extensively and has never missed a beat. A contractor friend who was skeptical tried mine, now he has the latest model and loves it. I have not had a problem with heat build up. There is a learning curve for how to best use the tool and which attachments will work the best for you. The tool is expensive but if you are doing remodel work, it will pay for itself quickly. The blades are also expensive, I suggest you find the blade you like best and buy them in a larger quantity. I use the blade with the Japanese teeth on it for cutting wood, you can get these in a ten pack for about 15.00 a blade. This pack lasts me a long time, and the blades are the best for wood that I have found. I also use the sanding triangle a lot, and buy the sandpaper in bulk as well. This is one of my go to tools for many projects.

OrderFein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Variable Speed Sanding And Scraping/Cutting Tool With Case

Solid Tool. Solid Performance. Solid Value.

I saw the infomercial for this about two years ago. Acutally, my wife woke me on a sleepless night of hers and I watched this tool do amazing things. I’m somewhat skeptical about infomercials in general due to their over-the-top claims. I did some research on the web and after waffling back and forth for quite a while I finally ran into a home repair/renovation project that could be done in much less time and at a greatly reduced cost…if this tool would work as claimed. 

I had to remove cedar siding from a part of the back of my house (12′ high x 33′ wide section) and replace some water damaged studs and sill plates between the first and second stories. In lieu of this tool working, I would have had to demolish the entire wall along with the kitchen sink and cabinets on the interior side. By using the Multimaster, I was able to place plunge cuts where I needed them with surgical precison, re-support the wall and replace and reinforce the structural members. I’ve cut 2″ x 4″, 2″ x 6″, and 2″ x 12″ lumber with it, numerous nails up to 12d box size, exterior sheeting, drywall, and the cedar siding and trim. This job has taken several weekends and the tool has performed flawlessly. 

I’ve read about the expensive blades and I was concerned about the cost of the blades and their reported short life span, but I have experienced the opposite as I’m still using the semi-circular and plunge cut (E-Cut Blade?) that came with the kit and both are still quite sharp. I did read in the enclosed literature that the blades will last a long time if you don’t apply too much pressure to the tool while cutting and by working the blade back and forth through the cut. I find that cutting a scribe line first and then working the back back and forth along the scribe cut lets the cuttings fall from the cut and keeps the blades from overheating. In situations where this approach is not possible, I pull the blade out from the cut every 30 seconds or so for a few seconds so the blade can cool in the air. I wonder if some who have had the blades dull quickly are letting them get too hot and are changing the temper of the blades, thereby dulling them? 

The Fein Multimaster is one of those tools that once you get it, you wonder how you ever got along without it. True, it’s a specialty tool, but used properly in the right applications it is a tremendous saver of time and money. While I’m not a renovation/remodel contractor by trade, I did work with my contractor father until I left home and have lent him a hand when I’ve been home on vacations, so I do know a fair amount about what’s involved in remodeling and renovation contracting. I’ve done major remodel projects on all of the homes I’ve owned over the past 30 years and have quite a complement of high-quality contractor-grade power tools. The Fein Multimaster is my favorite one to use, often because it’s the only tool that can do what it does. This is the tool that will round out your tool kit allowing you do accomplish whatever task comes your way on a project. As others have stated, the quality of construction is par-excellance and the tool should last for years, if not decades.

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