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Black Decker MS800B


Black Decker MS800B
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Perfect sander for furniture refinishing. My old trestle table now looks brand new thanks to Sander.


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BuyingBlack & Decker MS800B Mouse Detail Sander With Dust Collection

Great for Small Projects!!!

I couldn’t find this mouse at the hardware store….thus turned to Amazon realizing it might be discontinued. This is SUPERB for small projects and detailing. I needed to hand sand a large wrought iron table, bench, and two chairs in the past and with this sander it was a breeze! Love this little mouse.

CheapBlack & Decker MS800B Mouse Detail Sander With Dust Collection

great product!!

this item was a gift to replace a mouse that was broken (by someone else who borrowed it). I had had that one for like 20years so there was no question on what one to ask for. this newer model has new features the other didn’t, which makes it even neater.. it works great, it is reliable. having a problem with my arm it is light weight and produces the finish I am aiming for.

DiscountBlack & Decker MS800B Mouse Detail Sander With Dust Collection

Great sander for tight spots

My project is an 18′ wooden boat. This is basically a sanding job: putting on (clear) epoxy resin sanding it off, repeat… Then sand again for 3-5 coats of epoxy varnish, sanding smooth between each. The inside is full of nooks and crannies under the seats, between the planks, and the bow (pointy end). I have a regular 5″ orbital sander, but its too big for the corners and some of the planks. Hand-sanding seemed the only alternative. I headed to Home Depot, and picked this as the smallest viable looking sander (there was a smaller Ryobi detail sander whose reviews were less good, and looked less convincing for the larger areas i needed to cover). The B&D mouse has certainly exceeded all my expectations, and I have slipped into using it as my main sander for the boat interior, even instead of my regular orbital sander: it is efficient and very effective at edges. For the nastiest corners it has a finger-sized prong that fits to the nose with a screw. This is also much more effective than I expected (could have done with it being even longer, though). Of course you need a good supply of sandpaper. My local Home Depot was deficient in B&D mouse sandpaper, but I quickly found I could use regular 5″ (Norton) disks on it, cutting a piece from an old disk to cover the velcro near the base where the disk falls short. You can cut the disk completely to the shape of the mouse’s sanding plate, but I find it better just to let the disk fold-up around the edges for extra edge sanding power. For the much smaller finger probe, you have to cut pieces from the disks, if you follow this DIY sandpaper approach. 
PROS: very effective, high-speed, great for edges & tight spots; the effective extension tool, low height enables access to smaller spacers (watch out for other versions that are taller) 
CONS: sandpaper availability (using regular velcro disks solves this); the extension tools attach via a small philips head screw likely to strip at some point (but hasn’t yet); the dust collection is not very effective; the on/off button in the front inconvenient in tight spaces; the base plate is a bit spongy if you are looking for a dead flat surface. This are all minor compared to the efficacy of this product.

SaveBlack & Decker MS800B Mouse Detail Sander With Dust Collection



Lowest PriceBlack & Decker MS800B Mouse Detail Sander With Dust Collection

quite the power house

Got it to do some detailed fiberglass sanding and word like a charm. Might be a little bigger than I wanted, I have average size hands and it seems a bit big for the type of handling I was doing. If using it upright on a flat surface and not holding it up, it’s just perfect.

Shop ForBlack & Decker MS800B Mouse Detail Sander With Dust Collection

B&D Mouse

The B&D mouse arrived early and in good shape. The item was a gift. I am happy with the purchase and would use Amazon again.

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